Digital Ad Sales revenue maximization for Spanish language multimedia publishers and online content entrepreneurs:


Advertising is still one of the most scalable sources of income for all sorts of digital content producers, from traditional media publishers to digital native startups and even mission-driven journalism websites. But to master the art and science of making money with digital advertising is not an easy task, there isn’t an “All-size-fit-all” formula.

With a unique approach to Consulting and Training, Advernativa helps you discover and implement the best path to accelerate your revenues from digital ad sales.

Consulting and training services

Advertising Revenue Strategy

Training and Coaching 

Digital Ad Sales

Advertising Technology for Publishers

Revenue Strategy

Monetization: Discover your website’s real value potential

Ads Inventory value: Identify how to optimize your ads revenue

Digital Advertising Sales Boosting Action Plan: Find out how to increase sales with a tailored-made multichannel strategy

Pricing strategy: Re-evaluate your rate card, ad formats, and sales packages to maximize your digital ad sales revenue

Digital Media Business Plan Evaluation: Assure if your content strategy, technology, and organization structure are in alignment to reach accelerated growth

Training Digital Ad Sales

Advertising Sales:

Digital Ad Sales for non-sales professionals, like Journalists and entrepreneurs

Digital Ad Sales for Multimedia Publishers

Direct Sales to agencies, media planning training for sales executives, how to speak the language of your media buyer client

Prospecting Clients in a fiercely competitive industry

Advanced Sales Negotiation techniques

Consultative Sales: How to solve your client’s problems, and when to walk away

Advertising Sales Goals and forecasting; how to create an effective system to project revenues from ad sales

Sales Kits, Rate Cards, Solution Oriented Packages

How to create the best sales marketing materials to reach your sales goals


Programmatic and Ad exchanges;  Understanding how to choose the best market place to sell inventory and maximize revenue.

Content Marketing for Media Publishers

Native Advertising, Branded Content, and Branded Entertainment

How to set up Content Studios as money making machine

Inbound and content marketing for publishers

Brand Story Telling and Archetypes to create effective branded content campaigns

How to do a brand brief to win clients for life

SEO for Digital Media organizations, how it impacts the bottom-line

Immersive Advertising (VR, 360, AR)

Ad Ops and Technology

How to optimize and online ad inventory

Web Analytics for Media organization, fundamental KPI’s that have business impact

How to set up your in-house programmatic selling desk

Ad Operations and Technology Support

AdSense Optimization

Programmatic Supply Side Platform SSP, Private Market Places, Ad Exchanges, Audience Extensions

SMB’s digital advertising technology: Local SEO, Webpage building, and PPC

Native Advertising Platforms and Exchanges

Ad Ops and Ad Servers support

Web Analytics set up and Traffic Certification

Audience Profiling and Insights

We serve clients all across Latin America and U.S.

Se habla Español

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